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Date: 21-05-15

Glofo's 28nm-SLP-RF for SOC chips with on-chip RF and app processor

Globalfoundries announced the development of 28nm High K dielectric metal gate (HKMG) technology complete with radio frequency (RF) modelling.
This new process 28nm-SLP-RF is based on the GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 28nm Super Low Power (SLP) enabling VLSI chip design engineers to integrate critical RF system-on-chip (SoC) functionality in their SOC chips.

Globalfoundries discloses the results where it has demonstrated RF performance in the range of Ft ~ 310GHz and low flicker/thermal noise.
The 28nm-SLP-RF process tech is suitable for mobile phone and wearable SOC chips where standby power and long battery life is required along with RF/wireles modem functionality.

The technology is enabled with key RF features, including core and I/O (1.5V/1.8V) transistor RF models along with 5V LDMOS devices, which simplifies RF SoC design. For passive RF devices, 28nm-SLP-RF offers alternate polarity metal-oxide-metal (APMOM) capacitors up to 5V, deep n-well devices, diffusion, poly and precision resistors, inductors and an ultra-thick metal (UTM) layer. All RF-enabled devices are scalable, hardware verified across the entire operating range, and have met industry standard reliability qualification requirements. Volume production of the 28nm-SLP platform started in 2012, stated in the release by Globalfoundries.

Globalfoundries’ 28nm-SLP-RF uses 28nm-SLP silicon-validated design flows, which include a complete set of libraries, compilers, and complex IP. The enhanced 28nm-SLP-RF PDK and verification method is available now.

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