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Electronics Engineering Student and Fresher's Section

Updated on: 15th Jun 2016


IOT VLSI IC design: Access to ARM Cortex-M0 processor and EDA tools on cloud

You can buy electronic components in India from Mouser by paying in INR

Factors enabling smart living

IOT design competition 2016 announced by Analog Devices India

DC-DC handbook provides details on use of high performance GaN

Video explains surround view creation in automotive systems

CoE for VLSI and embedded dystem design at BMSCE Bangalore

Intel India opens Maker Lab in its Bengaluru campus

IC chip design trends discussed at CDNLive India 2015

The best robotics competition in India open for registration

Intel to set up electronics hobbyists/maker lab in Bangalore

Intel's Digital India design challenge identifies 20 contestants

Tizen Developer Summit held first time in Bengaluru

Course material for learning mobile graphics to design mobile gaming apps

Must learn prog. languages for electronics/embedded/VLSI career: C/C++, VHDL, Verilog, and Java

M.Tech in semiconductor engineering jointly by KLU and TESSOLVE

Winners of TI Innovation challenge and ADI's Anveshana in India

Easy to learn text book on GaN semiconductor devices

Embedded Systems Course by IETE Bengaluru

Design, IP, emulator, test services and MPW shuttle platform by CEA-Leti

ST’s smart power IC chip fab can be used by universities and research labs

IOT was the central focus at a VLSI design event held in Bengaluru

VLSI design training: not "all is well"

VLSI/Semiconductor tech 2015: At 7nm Silicon giving way to Ge, III-IV, CNT and Graphene

Design the best wearable to win IGNITE Design Contest from Tata Elxsi

A book on Carrier Ethernet by Fujitsu

Synopsys sold 3000 copies of its virtual prototyping book

IITM invites tech papers on MEMS

Book On USB interface to Android systems

Tutorials on latest in EDA and IP standards by Accellera

IPC APEX India invites papers in electronics manufacturing

Top VLSI design white papers at Aldec

STM32 developers can now get the benefit of ARM mbed

White paper by AWR addressing RF/microwave design flow issues

Free ARM Cortex 32 bit embedded systems seminar, kit and contest

Cytomorphic-semiconductor; a discipline of cell-bio and electronics

SOC security design; fast emerging new area in VLSI design

Surge in 64-bit computing with ARMv8-A

Patents filed in Solar and wind rises sharply in 2012 and 2013

Free online learning material on Ada programming language

VLSI design webinar on Open Source - VHDL Verification Methodology

ST announces the winners of its Singapore area iNEMO Design Contest 2013

Tata Elxsi launches ‘IGNITE Design Contest 2013’

ST's MEMS fab available for researchers for prototyping their designs

EE Students: Get you chip prototype done at ST fab through CMP

VLSI design: Free online UVM training from Aldec

Live Webinar on “3-Phase Energy Metering trends” by ADI on Jan 28 5PM IST

Webcast by ADI on "Isolated interface for industrial sensor and monitoring applications"

PSoC World Developers Conference content available at

Cosmic’s Nebula 2012: Winners of analog circuits design contest

Event to learn latest PCB design at Bangalore on Dec 4, 2012 features coverage cookbook

Accellera invites nominations for awards in EDA and IP standard creation

Aldec to present paper related h/w and s/w co-verification at an event on 19th Nov

Doc by JEDEC and ONFI defines standard for NAND device interface interoperability

Agilent sets up terahertz lab at the University of Leeds

Free white paper on IP packet networks by Infonetics

India is home to heavy-duty VLSI design

45nm to 28nm to 22nm to 14nm: A steep climb for the semiconductor industry

Missed DAC! VLSI designers can read Aldec's presentation through its webinar

Application note from AWR on circuit envelope simulation for 3G and 4G amplifier design

Active antennas with multiple tilt support mixed LTE and GSM networks: Ubidyne’s white paper

Cadence announces series of seminars in Asia Pacific on mixed-signal design

‘IGNITE 2012’ a design contest launched by Tata Elxsi for Indian students

TI MCU design contest winners

Cypress developer community feature 12 blogs and 140 videos

Arduino development boards from Atmel uses AVR and ARM processor based MCUs

COMSOL Conference India 2012 invites papers in modeling and simulation

Majority of engineers use VHDL, though SystemVerilog use grows, as per a survey

Free version of the IEEE 1666 Standard SystemC Language Reference Manual

Cypress developer community feature 12 blogs and 140 videos

Arduino development boards from Atmel uses AVR and ARM processor based MCUs

TI MCU design contest winners

COMSOL Conference India 2012 invites papers in modeling and simulation

Majority of engineers use VHDL, though SystemVerilog use grows, as per a survey

Winners of ST's OpenWorld design contest announced

Analog circuit design kit for students jointly by ADI and Digilent

New TCP/IP book jointly by Micrium and TI

Community for free and open source hardware and VLSI IP cores

IEEE individual award winners in 2012

MIT launches free online course on ‘Circuits and Electronics’

IEEE offering English version of Chinese tech publications

Four STM32 MCUs takes full control of student designed solar car

Intersil and Nextreme develops reference design for energy harvesting apps

Call toll free 1800-419-0108 to buy and learn about ADI's semiconductor devices

Seminar on power supply management design from Lattice Semiconductor

Solar powered crop harvesting robot wins Intel prize

Imec partners with Wipro to tap Indian nanotech research market

TI offering collection of power supply reference designs in its PoweLab library

Cosmic Circuits releases video on its silicon validation lab

Suggestions on electronics design for the commodity market by Wally Rhines

Georgia researchers develop memory devices based on piezoelectric nanowires

Nano-sized batteries to power mobiles: Rice researchers build battery in a nanowire

Microelectronic Relay designers manual from IR to simplify design

Online low-power VLSI chip design webinars from Apache

Webcast on "Wireless Communication of Sensor Data in Industrial Applications" by ADI on July 20

Webcast on power supply design by ADI on July 13

Mentor Graphics adds learning material on UVM/OVM of chip design

JTAG donated tools and support to the European Student Moon Orbiter project

Altera and RV-VLSI to setup an FPGA/SoPC lab in Bangalore

Novel chip prototype service by ST Micro for academic semiconductor researchers

AMD OpenCL Coding Competition for software developers

New text book on VLSI design by Atrenta

Researchers innovate a material to replace indium tin oxide

Electromagenet suspensions for cars are vibration free, safe and consume less power

MIPS' new embedded developer community portal at

Applied Materials taps IIT Bombay for semiconductor material innovation

Rohde & Schwarz and VDE invites EE students for case study competition

AWR invites technical papers for its AWR Design Forum

AWR gifting its RF design software for EE graduates

A conference on electronics engineering education announced

India's semiconductor industry alerted about disruptive nano tech

Engineers at UC Berkeley find a way to build nano laser on silicon surface

Researchers weatherproof plastic semiconductor using bilayer gate insulator

Watch PCB related technology presentations from your PC

Georgia Tech researcher harvest energy using an array of tiny nanowires

Vishay adds five new optoelectronics webinars to its website’s video library

Using simulation software is deeply interlaced in engineering design processes

Intel opens Intel India Embedded Challenge Contest 2011

Cosmic Circuits opens its chip design contest

Indian engineers say 'Love You' to the LabVIEW

NXP invites EEs for its mbed Design Challenge 2010

Research: mobile communication improved health and education in rural and developing areas

Mentor Graphics and Trident collaborate with Hyderabad's JNTU in VLSI design

ISRO opens a big door of opportunity in space tech for students

ISRO rocket carries payload developed by VITU students

Mentor Graphics India launches design contest

Webcast on eMMC-based Memory Architectures

Undergraduate electronics engineering courseware from Agilent for universities

Intel, IMEC and five Flemish universities open a lab to develop ultra-super computer software

Webinar on embedded software application using Actel's ARM based FPGAs

Synopsys published a book on creating standards

Free vendor-neutral FPGA design learning event in Bangalore

Learn analog VLSI design technologies at MAGMA website

Magma; the design flow master extends its design flow expertise to analog/mixed signal

MIT develops wirelessly controlled Micro-helicopters displaying 3D images in air

Electric energy from human-body heat-difference with air: MIT innovation

Campus wide access of MATLAB in 60 plus institutes

Chitkara Univ. collaborate with Seer Akademi in offering M.Tech in VLSI

VLSID 2010 enlightens chip designers on less than 32nm challenges and the emerging markets

Five Indian universities/colleges adopt Synopsys' VLSI design curriculum

MATLAB; an essential tool for a serious engineer

Interaction with Xilinx-India CTO on FPGA design issues and trends

Premier institutes MIT, Carnegie and Purdue joins cybersecurity research consortium

India's new solar mission opening a floodgate of opportunities

Online video-rich tutorial on DC power supply circuit design from PI

Researchers can access MATLAB on TeraGrid

Embeded kits and micrcontroller chips at affordable prices for ee students

IEEE sponsored HTC workshop discuss challenging technologies

Videocast to learn techniques of powering Xilinx FPGAs

Open Verification Methodology cookbook from Mentor Graphics' s Mark Glasser

Intersil and Georgia Institute of Tech joint alliance for semiconductor development

Pace Embedded Systems Lab at R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore India

Intel's Design Expo to bridge mobile technology for student designers

Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 training course by Atmel and Adeneo

Blackfin based IP media development kit jointly developed by ADI and Arcturus

Micrium's Jean Labrosse written a new book on uC/OS-III Real-Time Kernel

Synopsys offers EDA software license to IIT Kharagpur through its Charles Babbage Grant

Windows 7 based windows embedded software available for downloading

Synopsys offers EDA software license to IIT Kharagpur and training to its students

IBM researchers use DNA to assemble nano-switching devices on a semiconductor chip

Now using FPGA by fresh engineers is made easier for embedded systems applications

PSG College goes for Agilent's test kit solutions for its EE students

One more PSoC lab in Tamil Nadu, India by Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress Semiconductor setting up a PSoC lab at an engineering college in Bangalore, India

IIT Mumbai, India and Infineon together deliver high voltage functionality in CMOS Semiconductor devices

$50 Million foundation by Broadcom to support math and science education

Synopsys offering professional VLSI education to Armenia's youth

Discussion on power semiconductor technologies with TI's Ram Ananth

A white paper on benefits of adaptive beamforming in WiMAX Networks

ST Microelectronics free seminars on motion control and 8-bit MCU in North America

Fairchild Semiconductor's podcast teaches PFC basics and applications

EDA Tech Forum's 2009 worldwide conferences to begin from March 26, 2009

Microchip to conduct hands-on workshop on latest motor-control solutions

Low power VLSI design manual co-authored by ARM, Renesas and Synopsys

White paper on technical challenges in Mobile WiMAX

The smart ARM processor crossed 10 billion in count in mobile device market

National Instruments is platinum sponsor for EcoCAR design challenge

A new finger vein authentication called "mofiria" from Sony for laptops and phones

Whitepaper on improving HDTV picture quality by preserving chroma integrity

AMD's new free online toolkit to develop computer games for a good cause

Free windows board support packages for ATMEL MCU family

Free Operating System to, for and by the engineering students

Free updated SPICE models and evaluation board for analog circuit design from ADI

Free online switching loss calculator for Vishay's inductors

EDA software contest by VLSI Society for Indian engineers

Five innovations to change our lives in next five years

Cypress to set up a lab and donate $200k to Anna University Chennai

CDAC and MNNIT Allahabad partner to train engineering students

Webcast on electric motor evolution

Free online EDA tool for designing white LED based lighting solutions

Cypress Semiconductor's academic support initiative

ST Engineer's book on domino Logic

Year-end is the events time for Indian Engineers. Check this not-to-miss list

Microchip to hire another 300 engineers in India

Indian Engineers severely lack exposure to semiconductor manufacturing

Java enters embedded world

Indian Institute of Science is the leadership-university partner of Texas Instruments

Cyberia: An event for B.E. /B. Tech. students and by B.E. /B. Tech. students

Texas Instruments releases new SwitcherPro power supply design tool

ST Microelectronics to set up VLSI lab in IIT Delhi and BITS Pilani

Free designer guide on Instrumentation Amplifiers from Analog Devices


Free online courses

Here is a free online course on Embedded Systems for engineers learn and enter this field. This course is of 12 modules

Module1- Introduction to Embedded Systems

Module2- Microcontroller and programming

Module3- Installation of the kit and software (compiler)

Module4- Sample Program-1

Module5- Processor Architecture

Module6- Sample Program- 2

MODULE7 - Serial Communication Basics


MODULE9 - Controller Area Network

MODULE10 - Local Interconnect Network (LIN)

MODULE11 - I2C Bus Inteface

MODULE12 - SPI Bus Inteface

MODULE14 - USB Bus Inteface

MODULE15 - SRAM memory Inteface

MODULE16 - Flash memory Inteface

MODULE17 - LCD display panel interface

MODULE18 -Touch screen panel interface design

MODULE19 - Audio and video interface design to embedded systems New

MIT launches free online course on ‘Circuits and Electronics’

Design Articles

Updated: 8th Apr 12

Medical Electronics design: MEMS in Healthcare New

Audio amplification: Selection of class D audio amplifier

The power factor correction circuits in digital systems

RESCAR 2.0: To improve robustness of automotive electronics

Graphene Circuits: Making electronic circuits using carbon material graphite

Modern breakthrough technologies enable new applications based on IMU systems

Laser Printer hardware board design

MOSFET: Planar vs. New Trench technology comparison in Linear Mode Applications

Happy verification using SystemVerilog

MEMS based motion sensing design

Dielectric materials for semiconductor chips

Why engineers going for a FPGA rather than ASIC?

Biomedical signal analysis using DSP algorithms: EEG

Brief introduction to restriction of harmful materials in electronics

Select the right LED driver for your LED based lighting application

Introduction to MEMS and its applications

Learn FPGA design to develop your own customized embeddd system

Choose the brightest white LED for your LED lighting circuit/system

Variable DC voltage from high input voltage up to 100 V..

Microcontroller communication interface applications.

Flash memory chips for your embedded design.

The virtual instrumentation is a technology where an engineer can use software running on a computer to measure...

The comparison of white LEDs with other LEDs.

The next generation of NonVolatile RAMs (NVRAM)

The Van Neumann V/S harvard processor architecture.

Ultracapacitors: How different from batteries.

IEEE802.XX standards for data communication

White Papers and Application Notes

Sensor circuit application notes

White paper on deployment considerations for mobile WiMAX

Communication interface application notes

Flexible Architecture to Drive Sharp Two-Way Viewing Angle and Standard LCDs

Achieving Low Power in 65-nm Cyclone III FPGAs

Broadcast Video Infrastructure Implementation Using FPGAs

Using Cyclone III FPGAs for Clearer LCD HDTV Implementation

Few Basic Circuits

DC power supply circuit-1 (basic)

DC power supply circuit-2 (High input voltage)

DC motor control circuits

Sensor circuits (basic)

Sensor circuit application notes

Logic circuits (basic)

Frequency and Timing circuits


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