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Date: 22-05-14

Security microcontroller from INSIDE Secure for e-government apps

Targeting e-government applications, semiconductor security technology expert INSIDE Secure has announced AT90SC28880RCFV2, an advanced dual interface (contact and contactless) secure microcontroller with a cryptographic library. AT90SC28880RCFV2 is more suitable for digital identification and is complies with the ISO 14443 contactless card standard.

INSIDE Secure has tested this chip for interoperability with wide selection of vendors in the field using ISO14443 test suites, and claims its interoperability was verified at 100 per cent.

AT90SC28880RCFV2 is praised for its very high speed of operation with up to 6.8Mbits/sec with contactless readers which makes the system made out of this chip to authenticate security ID such as passport at control gates or electronic badges at check points, in less than a second.

AT90SC28880RCFV2 has also achieved Common Criteria EAL5+ (ANSSI-CC-2013/59) and ICAO layer 2 certifications allowing smart card vendors to host the microcontroller onto smart cards used for passports, ID and health insurance cards.

“Governments and authorities around the world are looking for ways to more easily and efficiently authenticate users of their services and manage the process. At the same time, they must protect user privacy, as well as reduce fraud and identify theft,” said Bernard Vian, EVP of the Secure Transactions business division at INSIDE Secure. “INSIDE’s AT90SC28880RCFV2 secure microcontroller is a step-up in security. It will accelerate the identity validation process while protecting the document holder’s confidential data, thus adding significant value to e-ID solutions. Our new secure microcontroller, which uses a ROM-EEPROM technology, is very price-competitive compared to other technologies. It meets the price-point for e-Government applications.”

AT90SC28880RCFV2 features all the cryptographic algorithms required for e-Government applications, including DES/3DES, AES, RSA and ECC. With AT90SC28880RCFV2, INSIDE has broadened its dual interface product offering with 80KB of EEPROM memory to meet the needs of high-end e-Government applications. INSIDE offer now covers 18KB (low end) to 80KB (high end).

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