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Date: 14-08-22

Bharath Semiconductor Society offering course on VLSI design for freshers at affordable cost

There are approximately 3000-4000 engineering colleges in India offering four-year graduation courses. Nearly 99% of these colleges offer electronics engineering option.  These colleges bring out approximately around  150 -200 thousand electronics engineers every year. Multiple number of human resource analysts are complaining about 20% of these engineers are not educated enough to be employed.  Large chunk (30 to 40%) of these engineering graduates lack in exposure to practical aspects of electronics and semiconductor design.  Majority of these electronic engineering graduates end up joining jobs offered for computer science graduates and other IT jobs. Finally the core electronics and semiconductor engineering is left with not more than 40% of Electronics Engineering graduates.

This clearly tells there is a need to train these electronics engineers in various areas of electronics board design, semiconductor chip design, and any other such core electronic engineering practicals,  including simple skills of using sophisticated test and measurement tools and design software. On this 75th year of Independence Day celeberations, we wish to share to our student readers a news on availability of affordable VLSI design training.

There are plenty of industry bodies in India claiming bringing changes in Indian electronics and semiconductor engineering training. But the effectiveness of those claims only looks to be limited to focus on high performing individuals and institutes.  There is one new industry body called Bharath semiconductor Society  exclusively focusing on Indian semiconductor industry which has come out with a initiative to train electronics engineers in VLSI design at nominal cost. Bharath Semiconductor Society (BSS)  established in 2022 aims to grow the ESDM and allied segment in India by bridging the skill-gap between academic and industry.      

BSS  organised an introductory session on different VLSI topics targeting present engineering students and  fresh engineers to get an understanding on Silicon/VLSI Engineering and get a hand on experience. There is a nominal fee to avail this course. It is not even 5-10% of what typically VLSI training institute charge you for the same.  BSS also plan to have in-depth training and introduction to other areas of chip design.

The link to register for this course is: https://forms.gle/z1h3e9DWTprFNDU68

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Amudhan Balasubramanian 14-08-22
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