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Date: 11-11-16

IPC launches an online course to learn its standards

IPC announced a new online training course, IPC Essentials, designed to enhance knowledge of IPC standards working on the standards development process and how standards can be used on the factory floor. The course is now available on IPC's online learning platform, IPC EDGE developed for new factory floor personnel as well as operators seeking certified IPC specialist (CIS) status.

Stella, an animated factory operator, direct students through a brief history of IPC, the electronics industry, and how standards are used in printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing from design concept to a finished product and steps in between. The course helps the students to learn how IPC standards are developed, revised and documented and how to get involved in the standards development process. Throughout the course, students can review materials within each course module, prior to the final test. Students upon achieving a grade of 80 percent or more receive a certificate of completion.

"IPC Essentials answers many questions that industry members have asked of IPC. PCB manufacturing operators and technicians will learn the importance of training and certification to IPC standards," said Kris Roberson, IPC manager of certification and training products and portfolio products. "Course participants will come to understand the value they can bring to their company by understanding standards and knowing how to use them and thus will be better prepared for training and certification to specific IPC standards that are critical to PCB manufacturing," Roberson adds.

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