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Date: 09-09-15

More than 1 Million MACOM GaN on Si devices in the field

RF semiconductor device maker M/A-COM reported crossing a milestone shipment of more than 1 million GaN-on-Silicon (GaN on Si) RF power devices to its customers for use in communications, military and other RF applications. GaN is now a fast growing semiconductor technology and due to its ability to replace traditional microwave devices such as magnetron and also a better replacement compared to silicon RF ICs/devices in RF systems and high-frequency power electronics. GaN on Si is a low cost process and is suitable for high-volume manufacturing.

“MACOM’s GaN IP portfolio and strategic licensing agreements have set the foundation for a sustainable, cost-efficient technology we believe can enable GaN production at unprecedented economies of scale,” said Michael Ziehl, VP of Marketing, RF & Microwave, MACOM. “Building on this milestone, we expect to see ramping commercial adoption of our GaN technology in other RF applications in the future, including 4G/LTE base stations and RF Energy applications.”

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