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Date: 08-09-15

Semiconductor chip sales down in July 2015

US based industry body Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) announced worldwide sales of semiconductors were $27.9 billion for the month of July 2015, a decrease of 0.9 percent from July 2014 when sales were $28.1 billion. Global sales from July 2015 were 0.4 percent lower than the June 2015 total of $28.0 billion.

Americas' semiconductor market is flat in July 2015 compared to last year, where as semiconductor sales in China in July 2015 increased by around 6%, according to SIA.

“Global semiconductor sales have slowed somewhat this summer in part due to softening demand, normal market cyclicality, and currency devaluation in some regional markets,” said John Neuffer, president and CEO, Semiconductor Industry Association. “Despite these headwinds, year-to-date global sales through July are higher than at the same time last year, which was a record year for semiconductor revenues.”

"Regionally, year-to-year sales increased in China (5.6 percent), Asia Pacific/All Other (1.0 percent), and the Americas (0.8 percent), but decreased in Europe (-12.5 percent) and Japan (-13.3 percent), in part due to currency devaluation. On a month-to-month basis, sales increased in Japan (2.7 percent), China (0.6 percent), and Europe (0.4 percent), but fell slightly in the Americas (-0.3 percent) and Asia Pacific/All Other (-2.5 percent)." reports SIA.

“One key facilitator of continued strength in the U.S. semiconductor industry is research, the lifeblood of innovation,” Neuffer said. “SIA and Semiconductor Research Corporation this week released a report highlighting the urgent need for research investments to advance the burgeoning Internet of Things and develop other cutting-edge, semiconductor-driven innovations. Implementing the recommendations in the report will help the United States harness new technologies and remain the world’s top innovator.”

News Source: SIA

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