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Date: 03-09-15

ABI: Bluvision is the leading BLE Beacon vendor in 2014

ABI Research estimated Bluvision as the leading BLE Beacon vendor in 2014 in terms of units shipped.

ABI Research’s Principal Analyst Patrick Connolly comments, “The market is going through a transition phase where many of the beacons that have shipped are either waiting to be deployed or are in the hands of developers. Despite this, there have been some huge contracts awarded in the areas of industrial, asset tracking, airports, advertising networks, and retail.”

ABI reports "Bluvision leads the way, with Gimbal and Estimote also shipping in very high volumes. Both Kontakt.io and Sensoro are achieving much stronger success in 2015, which should shake up market share rankings in the future. Radius Networks has a quality roster of customers and is on the brink of some big announcements."

“From an investment point of view, most OEMs are undergoing investment rounds as we speak. There is still a huge opportunity here to get in early, just as the market is about to grow exponentially over the next 5 years,” adds Connolly.

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