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Date: 03-06-15

Three semiconductor companies collaborate targeting China IOT market

The China-based semiconductor ASIC design service company Brite Semiconductor and China-based foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) and DSP IP vendor CEVA are collaborating in developing platform to design Internet-of-Things (Io") ICs targeting China market.

Brite said it is developing its China IoT ASIC Platform based on SMIC's 55nm low-leakage (LL) and ultra-low-power (ULP) process roadmap, which includes embedded f lash (eFlash) memory. They are offering processes which can reduce operating voltages to lower both active power and standby power consumption for IOT chips used in smart home and wearable products.

"An early leader in custom design services in China, Brite is uniquely positioned to work with SMIC foundry services in providing rapid and optimized IoT device realization for China's emerging market opportunities," stated Dr. Charles Zhi, President and CEO of Brite Semiconductor, "Key to IoT applications is wireless connectivity and our CEVA platform cooperation assures seamless connectivity at the periphery of the Cloud."

"SMIC is constantly developing advanced technologies. Based on ULP technology platform, we have taken the lead in offering ULP foundation IP library, commercial Bluetooth and BLE IPs, and modularized embedded non-volatile memory ( eNVM ) to form a comprehensive IoT based technology platform," stated Dr. TianShen Tang, Senior VP of SMIC Design Service. "We're glad to see Brite has collaborated with other strategic partners to develop the IoT ASIC platform together. We believe that the cooperation between SMIC and Brite in IoT can help make China's rapidly developing infrastructure the smartest in the world."

DSP IP vendor CEVA is collaborating with Brite on Bluetooth baseband and DSP platform integration into the China IoT ASIC platform. CEVA DSPs are used for applications such as voice activation, speech recognition, sensor fusion, face detection and fingerprint recognition.

"We are pleased to partner with Brite Semi in offering their ASIC platform customers world-class connectivity and processing capabilities for their customized wireless IoT devices," said Eran Briman, Vice President, Marketing at CEVA. "Our Bluetooth IP delivers the lowest power consumption for both Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready devices, while our DSP platforms bring the capability to handle the intelligence processing directly on the device, where required."

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