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Date: 03-06-15

ST's STiH237 powering new Skyworth Digital HD set-top box.

STMicroelectronics announced that its Cardiff satellite SoC (STiH237) is powering the new Skyworth Digital HD set-top box.

“South Asia is a very dynamic market engaged in the beneficial transition to Digital TV,” said Eric Benoit, Head of Product Line, Headed Platforms, Consumer Product Division, STMicroelectronics. “It is great endorsement for the flexible Cardiff SoC with more and more customers placing their trust in our STiH237 solution, which proves to suit operators' needs in both developed and emerging markets in a variety of configurations, from one-way HD zappers to hybrid broadcast broadband STBs."

“As a leading solution provider with more than 20 million devices shipped annually to 40 different countries, ST has proven to be a reliable technology partner, providing the support we need to build the highest-quality, cost-effective platforms that enable our customers to deliver feature-rich services to their subscribers,” said Darrell Haber, VP of Marketing for Skyworth Digital.

Further Technical Information as provided by ST:
The chipset offers the unmatched coordinated performance of CPU, video decoder, image-quality processor, and front-end that combines to enable a richer viewing experience with high-quality video and interactivity.
Widely proven 1300DMIPs application CPU (with Linux GNUCC);
Integrated 256kB L2 cache, which increases CPU performance for rich use cases like HTML5 browser, rich user interfaces, Picture-in-Picture, and PVR;
Integrated DVB-S2 demodulator;
16-Bit DDR3 SDRAM support, integrated ePhy, minimal heat-sink for significant bill-of-material saving;
Faroudja® image quality processing (for resizing, de-interlacing, and picture improvement);
Best quality and robust 1080p AVC (Advanced Video Coding) video decoder with advanced error correction and concealment capabilities;
Integrated standby controller allows 0.5W standby power consumption with super-fast resume time;
Best-in-class advanced security for all major Conditional Access Systems (CAS).

To learn more about STiH237 visit www.st.com/stih237

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