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Date: 31-03-15

In the low-power microcontroller, Atmel's MCU gets highest score

Are you looking for an ultra- low-power microcontroller's power consumption rating, where you can rely on third-party rating rather than what microcontroller manufacturer claims on the low power rating. EEMBC offers ultra-low-power scores for some of the microcontrollers in the market.

The winner as of 3rd April 2015 is MCU SAML21J18A-UES from Atmel, which has scored highest ULPBench Score of 185.80.

The other two best low-power microcontrollers vendors in the market are Texas Instruments (MSP432P401R with a score of 167.40 and CC2650F128RGZ with a score of 143.60 ) and STMicroelectronics (STM32L476 with a score of 123.50).

Microchip with a score of 68.76 for its MCU chip PIC24FJ128GA202 is also in the list.

To know more on this visit: https://www.eembc.org/ulpbench/

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