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Date: 20-03-15

OmniVision's OV788 video processor is used in Acer's BYOC

OmniVision's ultra-low power OV788 video processor is used for high-definition (HD) video streaming in Acer's Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) platform. Acer's BYOC is a secure, cross-platform, multi-device cloud computing platform that allows businesses or individuals to wirelessly store, sync, and access data such as music, video, and e-files at anytime and anywhere.

"Use cases such as video-based home monitoring are only the beginning for this technology. The flexibility of the OV788 development kit for Acer's BYOC platform can open up incredible possibilities for hardware and software developers," said Ray Cisneros, senior vice president of worldwide sales and sales operations at OmniVision. "OmniVision strives to work alongside companies like Acer that drive innovation and collaboration among industry leaders to bring the Internet of Things concept into focus."

“We are very pleased to welcome OmniVision to the Acer BYOC alliance, and to work together on expanding this unique cloud ecosystem,” said Maverick Shih, president of BYOC and tablet business group at Acer. “Our open-platform and development modules allow companies from various fields to find what best suit their needs and build their cloud-based solutions, while minimizing investment in time and resources.”

OmniVision's OV788 video processor, with "instant on" 720p HD video signal processing and capturing allows user to quickly stream high quality video content to Acer's BYOC platform. The OV788 platform is suitable for applications such as home monitoring systems, baby monitors, video doorbells, wearable devices, and IOTs camera devices.

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