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Date: 16-12-14

Freescale acquires transcoding tech expert Zenverge

Freescale semiconductor has acquired media content transcoding technology export Zenverge for an undisclosed amount. The transcoding technology from Zenverge converts a stream of media into multiple streams with a stream formatted and optimised for specific Internet connected device.

One of the planned format be supported by Zenverge is Ultra HD (HEVC) standard, which features outstanding 4K resolution. Zenverge technology also allows for the secure sharing of HD video and other rich digital content, while providing seamless integration of content distributed across the cloud and throughout the world’s networks.

The transcoding technology by Zenverge also secure the media stream so that stream specified for one particular device cannot be tapped or disturbed.

Freescale is expected to gain from this acquisition in the area of Video IoT market.

“This acquisition extends Freescale’s reach into both display- and media-centric processing at a time when both the volume and density of internet content is growing rapidly,” said Lees. “Zenverge is a recognized leader in the secure optimization, unification, storage and distribution of rich digital content. The company’s highly advanced technologies present growth opportunities for Freescale in new markets, while providing compelling and highly differentiated functionality for future generations of many popular Freescale product portfolios.”

As part of the agreement, key members of Zenverge have joined Freescale.

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