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Date: 01-04-14

Security in microcontroller is hot area of focus in 2014

Security features in microcontroller chips remains hot trend in 2014. Crocus Technology has licensed the ARM SecurCore SC000 processor for use in its secure microcontroller chips which are powered by Crocus' Magnetic Logic Unit (MLU) architecture. ARM SecurCore SC000 processor is for applications such as SIM cards, smart cards and in-package secure enclaves.

STMicroelectronics has introduced a security module called KERKEY to prevent attacks on smart-grid gateways, concentrators, and smart meters.

Certified to Common Criteria EAL4+ and AVA-VAN level 5, as well as fulfilling the BSI Protection Profile for smart-grid security modules, KERKEY also support the Java Card operating system (JC2.2).

While securing software from hackers is important, but the real weak point lies in the semiconductor chips which runs the software. However robust is the software, if the processor whether its high end server or a embedded microcontroller has some loopholes, security of the systems can be breached through physical silicon. In the present world where everything going to be connected to Internet, designing robust secure semiconductor IC is becoming more important for VLSI design engineers.

The U.S.-based Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) has announced the launching of a new initiative on Trustworthy and Secure Semiconductors and Systems (T3S).

The goal of T3S is to develop strategies and tools for the design and manufacture of chips and systems that are reliable, trustworthy and secure. This includes increasing resistance and resilience to attack or tampering and improving the ability to provide authentication throughout the supply chain or in the field.

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