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Date: 15-01-14

Mobile health is biggest market for M2M, as per Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics forecasts the Machine-to-Machine industry to grow at a CAGR of 18 percent, from $45 billion in 2013 and reaching $242 billion in 2022. Dominant sectors as per Strategy Analytics are Healthcare (including mHealth services), Consumer Electronics (including cameras, music players and TVs), Utilities and Vehicles (usage-based –insurance (UBI), emergency call or eCall and vehicle tracking), which combined will comprise 85% of overall revenues by 2022. Strategy Analytics says "mHealth dominants the segment in terms of revenue. Global spending on healthcare currently exceeds $6.5 trillion and continues to trend upwards. The majority of mHealth revenues will come from services to streamline or replace existing costly face-to-face processes, monitor and track patients with chronic conditions, as well as assisting with other IT automation to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The US will be a leading driver of this trend, currently comprising more than 40% of healthcare costs." "Healthcare, CE, Utilities and vehicles are areas that will see major revenue growth, through the driving out of inefficiency in existing processes as well as the creation of new service opportunities", said Andrew Brown, Executive Director of Enterprise and M2M research at Strategy Analytics and author of the study. "The growth in providers of regulatory compliant NOCs (Network Operation Centers), investment from industrial giants like GE and growth in the number of "big data", System Integrator, IT and analytics companies highlight the real and significant revenue potential that exists in the M2M market", he added.

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