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Date: 17-01-14

Top-ranked electronics and semiconductor companies by patents growth

IFI CLAIMS Patent Services has announced its latest analysis on the best performers in research and development based on the metric of issued patents by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The list of top companies is dominated by electronics and semiconductor companies. Below are the top performers by growth in the electronics and semiconductor industry:

Samsung Display has done extremely well, which has increased its patents by 433%. The wireless semiconductor and communication IP specialist Qualcomm has rised its patent count by 61%. Google (we are listing Google in electronics because it acquired Motorola, Boston Dynamics and Nest) is very close 3rd biggest gainer by a gain of 60% more patents. Apple, a company which is known by its innovation has also gained its patent portfolio by 56%. In the semiconductor manufacturing, the foundry leader TSMC's innovation machine is churning out more intellectual property in 2013 with a gain of 44%. South Korea-based government supported research Institute named "Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute" is doing well by increasing its patents by 37%.

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