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Date: 17-10-13

India embedded computer market; 100% growth in revenues for Advantech

The global embedded computer market is estimated in the range of US$ 6-7 Billion, the growth worldwide is around 10%, while Indian Embedded computer market is estimated in the range of US$125-150 million, but the growth here is more than 30%. Taiwan-based electronics design and manufacturing conglomerate Advantech is ranked as number one vendor in embedded computer market worldwide and its involvement in Indian market is even better. This writer recently talked to Darren Chen, Country Manager, Advantech India to learn the latest trends in the embedded computer market. Below are the points he shared: India market: Darren Chen: If we look in to India, we have large role to play, because the contribution from India is 1% of total global revenue. We are investing more and focusing more on India so that India can contribute 5% of our revenue in next five years. This year we could grow 100% in India. By June of this year, we have already achieved last year's revenue. Top application areas in India: Darren Chen: The top markets in India are telecommunication, defence, industrial automation, medical, transportation. For Advantech, the top three markets are defence, industrial automation and medical. The signage market though growing in India, it is not growing as it was estimated/forecasted 4/5 years back. Intel vs ARM Darren Chen: Intel is very aggressively pushing into this market, and they do have good chipsets. They are coming with system on chip ICs for this market. We have also developed ARM processor core based embedded boards by using chips from Texas Instruments and Freescale Semiconductor. Popular interface standards: Darren Chen: ComExpress in medical, CompactPCI and ATCA in telecom are some of the popular interfaces in Indian embedded computer market.

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