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Date: 03-07-13

Fujitsu licenses the big.LITTLE and Mali-T624 for multicore power efficiency

To achieve low power consumption along with multicore performance in its new SoCs, Fujitsu Semiconductor has licensed ARM big.LITTLE and Mali-T624 IPs. Fujitsu to use big.LITTLE and Mali-T624 for designing dual-core Cortex-A15 processor and dual-core Cortex-A7 processor based SoCs used in consumer and industrial applications and also for visualization systems which enable users to control data and programs via on-screen graphics. In big.LITTLE architecture two different processor cores with different power consumption and performance are employed based on the computing task, such as A5 for big tasks and A7 for smaller tasks. Just like using SUV for long country-side drive and hatchback for city drive.

“Being able to bring a flexible, high-performance solution to address the dynamic market associated with visual computing is vital for Fujitsu Semiconductor.” said Mitsugu Naito, executive vice president, Advanced Products Business Unit, Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited. ”The energy-efficient pairing of ARM Cortex CPUs in a big.LITTLE configuration with the market-leading performance and GPU Compute functionality offered by the Mali-T624 GPU opens up a wide range of opportunities for the features offered to end consumers and industrial applications.”

“ARM is pleased to be building on a close relationship with Fujitsu Semiconductor and we are excited about the potential offered by combining big.LITTLE technology with Mali GPUs for a wider range of end devices,” said Pete Hutton, executive vice president & general manager, Media Processing Division, ARM. “The capabilities of next-generation ARM Cortex and Mali GPUs in concert will make innovative features possible for consumers and businesses with market-leading energy efficiency at the system level.”

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