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Date: 23-05-13

ST appoints Jean-Marc Chery as GM of embedded and Vice-Chairman of the Corp Strat Committee

STMicroelectronics has appointed Jean-Marc Chery as General Manager of the Embedded Processing Solutions Segment, a new position, and Vice-Chairman of the Corporate Strategic Committee where he has been a Member since 2008. Jean-Marc was formerly General Manager of ST’s Digital Sector and of Technology R&D and Manufacturing.

Jean-Marc Chery will now be responsible for the Digital Convergence, Imaging, Bi-CMOS ASIC & Silicon Photonics, and Microcontroller, Memory & Secure MCU product groups, as well as for the related Technology R&D and Front-End Manufacturing. He continues to lead the Packaging and Test Manufacturing and Quality functions for ST.

“Jean-Marc, well supported by the strong and talented teams comprising the Embedded Processing Solutions segment, is focused first on ensuring a fast turnaround in performance, which is currently underway within this product segment, and second on capturing opportunities and driving leadership in this large and attractive market,” commented Carlo Bozotti, President and CEO of ST.

ST also announced the appointments of Claude Dardanne, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Microcontroller, Memory & Secure MCU, and Benedetto Vigna, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Analog, MEMS & Sensors, as Members of the Corporate Strategic Committee.

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