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Date: 22-05-13

Lack of matching content make 3D TVs a failure, what about UHD!

Lack of movies in 3D and other such video content in 3D has pulled the market down for 3D TVs. IHS predicts risky situation for presently focused Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs which is now getting attention at the event Display Week 2013. “A few years ago, 3-D TV came onto the market with tremendous hype and promise to transform how people watch television,” said Sweta Dash, senior director of display research and strategy at IHS. “This promise never came to fruition. Instead, faced with a lack of content, high pricing and inconvenient technology, 3-D never emerged from a niche status—a situation that continues today.” “However, having learned from past mistakes, TV suppliers are gearing up to make UHD TV a success, determined not to repeat the mistakes they made with 3-D. However, the level of consumer demand for UHD is still not clear. Lower yields, higher costs, slower TV sales, lack of content and delays in production all will lead to lower shipments than many in the industry expect.” The market for 3-D TVs faced three major obstacles when it launched: content, price and technology, as per IHS. The most significant obstacle according to IHS is requirement of consumers to change their viewing behavior by wearing a pair of glasses. But for UHD TVs, glasses are not required, so there are chances UHD might become successful.

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