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Date: 12-06-22

Ku-K Band operating 20 Watt GaN-on-SiC MMIC power amplifier from Qorvo

17.3 to 21.2 GHz (Ku-K Band) operating 20 Watt GaN-on-SiC MMIC power amplifier (PA) from Qorvo is available now  for defense and commercial LEO and other satellite applications. Qorvo's QPA1724 offers 2x power compared to other power amplifiers in the market and is optimized for wide bandwidth multi-carrier high data throughput satellite applications.

Dean White, senior director of Defense and Aerospace Market Strategy at Qorvo, said, “Qorvo is a pioneer in developing high performance millimeter wave solutions for satellite communication systems. The QPA1724 is a breakthrough device for both commercial and defense markets. At 20W saturated power, the QPA1724 offers twice the power of alternative Pas and leads the market in RF performance.”

Key Specifications and features:

    Frequency Range: 17.3 - 21.2 GHz
    PSAT (PIN = 27 dBm): 43 dBm
    PAE (PIN = 29 dBm): 27%
    Small Signal Gain: 25 Db
    Bias: VD = 20 V
    Dimensions: 7.5 x 6 x 1.6 mm

The QPA1724 is lead-free, RoHS compliant and 100% DC and RF tested to ensure compliance with electrical specifications. Learn more about the QPA1724 here: https://www.qorvo.com/products/p/QPA1724.

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