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Date: 19-09-22

High current fast acting battery fuse for energy storage rack

Fuse expert Littelfuse has made available a new battery current breaking fuse exclusively for Energy Storage Racks, having multiple batteries connected serially and parallel. The fuse series called ESR series  prevent equipment and system damage due to short-circuit. ESR can work at voltages of 1500V DC, and act fast.  The square shaped fuse protects battery modules  or any other such high current DC Power sources and sinks. It is ideal for  power converters and inverters, and DC common bus systems solar PV photovoltaic battery energy storage system inverters.

“The ESR is a Class aBat partial range fuse with superior short circuit protection and a low minimum breaking capacity—from 300% or three times the fuse rated current to a maximum DC fault current of 250 kA,” stated Sakthidharan Krishnamoorthy, product manager, Littelfuse Industrial Business Unit. “With these features, the ESR fuse offers a wider range of DC over-current protection to battery-powered systems than other fuses. In addition, the high DC short circuit capabilities optimize space and deliver cost savings for energy storage system integrators.”

Littelfuse says this product is specifically designed to safeguard new battery technologies with fuse circuit protection, by meeting IEC60269-7 battery standards, ESR fuses can be used per high-rel-iability systems.

Some of the other features include:

 --They are designed to have higher DC interrupting rating, where they support further scaling up of systems without any redesign  of existing circuit protection.

-- These fuses feature low minimum breaking current helping in reduction of size rating requirements of DC contactors to optimize space and save cost.

-- The power consumption of fuse itself is very less so that energy loss is minimised. Physically too they are compact in size compact taking lesser space.

For more information visit: Littelfuse.com/ESR

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