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Date: 12-08-22

20 A rated ferrite bead to suppress noise over DC power lines in EVs

To suppress the noise in high current battery charging systems and DC power lines of electric vehicles, you can go for this new single chip ferrite bead with 20 A current capability. The new chip ferrite bead  from Murata, coded BLE32SN series features propriety internal electrode design to reduce DC resistance characteristics and so is  the reduction of heat generation.

This Automotive grade device can replace, the present method of using multiple chips mounted in parallel helping in saving space and reducing weight.

Compact BLE32SN series ferrite beads measures 3.2mm × 2.5mm × 2mm in dimensions and support operational temperature range of −55°C to +125°C or −55°C to +150°C, depending on customers’ application requirements.

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