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Date: 12-04-17

World's smallest crystal measures 1 x 0.8 MM for smart phones and wearables

Japanese passive component maker Kyocera is offering an alternate crystal oscillator as a replacement for its CX1210 model, where the new one meets most of the the electrical specifications but is smaller in size making it suitable for smart phones and wearable electronics.  It is hard to cut the size of crystal oscillator without compromising its performance but  Kyocera could do this by optimising the design using its own piezo-electric analysis technology
Kyocera has used ultra-high-precision processing (plasma CVM technology) developed with Yamamura. Kyocera has also used its proprietary semiconductor processing technology for accurate external dimensions, and minimal variation in equivalent series resistance, for optimal performance at reduced size.

The new crystal oscillator CX1008 measures  1.0 x 0.8mm  and can replace  CX1210 without any electrical circuit revision.

The samples the new crystal oscillators are expected to be available in May 2007 and mass production scheduled  for early 2018.


Below is brief  spec table of  CX1008
Product name CX1008
Application Smartphones, wearable devices
Size 1.0 X 0.8mm
Height 0.30mm
Frequency tolerance ± 10ppm
Frequency temperature coefficient ± 10ppm (-30℃ to +85℃)
CI value
(equivalent series resistance)
60Ω MAX (37.4MHz)
Production facility Shiga Yohkaichi Plant (Japan)


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