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Date: 05-01-17

A small footprint tiny hall switch from Diodes for multiple applications

Diodes has launched a new hall switch AH1389 for battery-powered consumer equipment such as cellular phones, tablets, digital still and video cameras, home appliances and industrial systems. AH1389 Hall-effect switch IC can be used for design ideas of open/close detection for smart cover switches for cell phones and tablets, in addition to holster and dock detection for phones. 360° rotation detection for display screens, video camera screen position detection, and position detection for doors, trays, selector switches and electronic locks in home appliances can also use this sensor IC.

AH1389 feature tightly defined magnetic operating window, provides dual outputs for detecting north or south poles and is tailored for portable and battery-powered applications.

The micropower AH1389 operates from a 1.6V to 3.6V supply while consuming an average current of only 4μA. The device is specified for operation over a -40°C to +85°C temperature range and provides a high ESD rating of 8kV for improved reliability and ease of handling during end-equipment manufacture.

Supplied in a small, low-profile X2-DFN1410-4 package, the AH1389 occupies a minimal circuit board footprint. For further information, visit the Company’s website at www.diodes.com.

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