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Date: 19-10-16

Dual-port quad deserializer hub compliant with the MIPI CSI 2

Texas Instruments has unveiled a new quad deserializer hub DS90UB964-Q1 for autonomous car applications or any such video integrated applications which includes surround-view systems, rearview cameras, driver-monitor cameras, camera-monitor systems, front camera systems and satellite radar equipment. Dual-port CSI-2 quad deserializer supports video transmission up to 1.6 Gbps per lane for higher frequency and quick awareness of the hardships. The other features of this device includes; 1. The second CSI-2 port enables coinciding video replication for data logging, or separate viewing and machine-vision flows. 2. The new hub supports virtual channel ID mapping which help processors differentiate cameras and high-dynamic-range exposures, enabling more efficient processing. 3. Ultra-low-latency control channel enables integration of the image signal processing (ISP) function into the electronic control unit (ECU), and out of the camera, improving image quality and reducing system costs. DS90UB964-Q1 features adaptive receiver EQ rather than transmitter pre-emphasis. Adaptive EQ automatically compensates for cable aging and bending effects to ensure optimal signal quality, and helps reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI). FPD-Link III SerDes devices support automotive manufacturers and tier-1 suppliers’ high-, mid- and entry-level performance configurations. This works with multiple processors in the market and also the power-over-coax support in both devices enables engineers to reduce the wiring required in their systems.

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