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Date: 02-09-16

Enhanced HomePlug AV2 under development supporting 4K and VR

HomePlug has begun new development efforts to enhance HomePlug AV2 specification aiming for a evolutionary performance benefits. Roadmap of development is to take HomePlug AV2 to higher level of performance compared to what it has already delivered. David Watkins, Service Director, Connected Home Devices at Strategy Analytics said, “The usage of connected devices and bandwidth- intensive applications along with services continue to grow exponentially across the world, the adoption of HomePlug AV2 technology has been helping consumers mange their networks in order to meet these demands. Enhancements being made to the HomePlug AV2 specification will further help end-users to take full advantage of the wave of new consumer technologies such as 4K video streaming and virtual reality." The popular HomePlug AV2 was released in 2012 and is utilized by large number of manufacturers worldwide. It is used in powerline adapters, hybrid solutions with integrated Wi-Fi, and embedded into broadband routers. The success and popularity of HomePlug AV2 is attributed to its ability in providing consumers with connectivity in popular applications like 4K Ultra HD streaming and online gaming without display lagging. Additions include New feature in the areas of performance, security, regulations, neighboring networks interference mitigation and environmental friendliness to enhance and build this robust technology through improvements.

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