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Date: 08-06-16

Quad channel linear EML driver for 28 Gbaud PAM-4

MACOM introduced the MAOM-003419, a quad channel linear electroabsorptive modulated laser (EML) driver for 28 Gbaud PAM-4 solutions for 200G and 400G. The MAOM-003419 is a low power EML driver with high gain, high bandwidth, and output voltage capability up to 2 Vpp while it consumes less than 500mW of power. The device has differential inputs to provide common-mode rejection and single-ended output to drive industry standard EMLs. The MAOM-003419 is available in a small form factor surface mount package while also integrating the high frequency bias T for the EA modulator. "The MAOM-003419 is an ideal solution for customers developing EML based PAM-4 transceivers," said Raymond Moroney, Director of Product Marketing, High Performance Analog, MACOM. "MACOM has achieved excellent performance with our PAM-4 chipset IP, and we believe this product is a great addition to enabling the next generation of 200G and 400G optical connectivity for enterprise and datacenter applications." Samples of the MAOM-003419 are now available. Additional product information can be obtained from the MACOM website at: www.macom.com. News Source: www.macomtech.com

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