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Date: 18-05-16

Smart home enabling IoT switch Wemo connect to Nest app and devices

Belkin made IOT electric power switch Wemo now connects to Nest system devices such as the popular Nest thermostat. Any device connected to a Wemo power switch can turn on or off when the Nest Thermostat is in Home or Away mode. Some interesting examples how this can improve things in a smart home includes a fan can turn on automatically when Nest goes into Away mode so that air continues to circulate and keep the house cool without wasting excess energy, or lights in a living room can turn on when the Nest Thermostat is in home mode. Home and Away features supporting Wemo switches can switch-off heaters, irons, hair straighteners automatically when no one is at home so that making the home safer. Wemo users can also directly control Nest Thermostat through Wemo app with features include checking the thermostat’s status, viewing the current temperature and humidity, changing the Home or Away mode, and setting the target temperature. Wemo products that now work with Nest include the Wemo Switch, Wemo Insight Switch, Wemo Light Switch and Wemo Maker.

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