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Date: 04-05-16

Flexible transparent rugged cloth RFID withstands multiple washes and ironing

Now you have a ultra-rugged RFID from Fujitsu, which can withstand 60 bar extraction pressure with very low failure rates. The washable RFID tags are exclusively made for textiles: formal wear, high fashion apparel, garments, and accessories. The 2 inch long and half inch wide flexible, unobtrusive, transparent RFID tags can be sewn into clothes so that they are virtually unnoticeable. The new Fujitsu WT-A522L and WT-A522LA Fashion tags are for garments, where asWT-A533 tag for industrial linen processes. The applications include protecting garments against counterfeiting and fraud, renting out expensive garments and accessories without having to unbox and individually read a bar code. The seller of these garments with Fujitsu id devices can manage their inventory and sales with less effort. WT-A522L tag can be sewn into hems, seams, or under manufacturers’ labels and is home wash, dry-clean, and ironing safe. WT-A522LA can also be attached to shoes, handbags, and accessories by using strong adhesive provided by Fujitsu. The heavy duty WT-A533 is stronger and more reliable for heavy-duty industrial garment and flat linen applications. Buyers and sellers can bulk read hundreds and even thousands, of articles simultaneously in seconds with very high reliability and reading density saving the labour involved in billing, inventory management or material movement. The WT-A533 tag is the same size and has the same soft exterior as its predecessor, the WT-A522, but has increased reading range and rugged durability. “UHF RFID technology will significantly reduce the labor cost compared to single garment processing at tuxedo and high fashion rental companies. Also, fraud and counterfeiting in high fashion apparel is on the rise. Including an ‘invisible’ RFID tag in high-value garments and accessories will provide positive confirmation of an item’s authenticity and also help reduce incidents of fraud”, said Randy Fox, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. “The WT-A533 Linen tag and the WT-A522L Fashion tags provide any garment manufacturer, rental or laundry operation one-stop shopping for all of their RFID needs”. Smart TV

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