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Date: 05-05-16

Allegro PCB design software enhanced to support speedier flexible board design

Cadence' newer version PCB design software Allegro 17.2-2016 supports features such as inter-layer checking technology to save the PCB designers from manual checking. Allegro 17.2-2016 also features dynamic concurrent team design capability. This feature allows up to five PCB designers to conduct real-time, simultaneous PCB design work within the same design database. Allegro 17.2-2016 utilizes material inlay fabrication techniques to reduce material costs by up to 25 percent. Embedded Sigrity technology in Allegro 17.2-2016 checks for critical signals integrity and power integrity (PI) for PCB designers addressing power delivery and IR-drop issues efficiently. More information on the Allegro technology portfolio, please visit www.cadence.com/news/allegro172. Cadence also announced its latest OrCAD 17.2-2016 now supports integrated rigid-flex planning, design and real-time visualization, and built-in translators that enable direct design imports from select EDA vendors. PSpice Designer now supports system-level simulation using C/C++/SystemC and VerilogA, via the new PSpice compact model interface. OrCAD portfolio uses a new multi-stack-up database and in-design inter-layer checks. OrCAD portfolio also features enhancements targeted towards improving PCB editors’ productivity and ease-of-use in padstack editing, constraint management, shape editing and in-design DRCs. Flexible and rigid flexible board designs are now increasingly used in automotive, consumer electronics, computing, communications, mobile and wearable applications.

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