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Date: 06-05-16

Four pair cable instead of 28 pair for connecting to full-HD LCD

THine Electronics LCD timing controller technology called eDriCon drastically reduces number of cables required to send data from the processing board to LCD. eDriCon uses a technology where image data and the clock signals are superimposed to save number of wires required. This technology is especially useful for automotives, where a running of huge number of wires inside the car need to be limited. LCD panels mounted not only around the driver and also the back of the front seats, to allow passengers sitting in the backseat to access infotainment and also some car controls. LCD panels using eDriCon technology can save lot of wiring by using less number of cables. THine Electronics claims its technology uses only 1/7 of the wire pairs compared to what is available in the market. General full-HD applications with eDriCon can transmit pixel data with 4-pair cables while those with usual interfaces require 28 pairs. THine Electronics has announced a leading Japanese company has adopted THine’s full-HD timing controller (TCON) for its high-resolution center information displays. Thine says "This TCON can reduce the number of cables of LCD driver interface drastically and supports Japanese automakers’ quality assurance requirement such as wide range temperature assurance." THine’s full-HD TCON can be used in automotive center information displays, automotive full-HD rear-seat entertainment and electric rear-view mirrors.

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