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Date: 04-08-15

TI adds two more PMBus DC/DC converters with frequency sync feature

To its family of high current ( 20 to 30 amperes) PMbus DC/DC converters, Texas Instruments has added two new; TPS544B25 and 30-A TPS544C25 with frequency synchronization feature to reduce noise and EMI/EMC interference. QFN packaged TPS544B25 and 30-A TPS544C25 with on chip MOSFETs are suitable for space starved applications.

Another interesting feature is TPS544B25 and TPS544C25 offer pin-strapping that enables the devices to start up without PMBus commands to an output voltage set by a single resistor.

Other features include internal soft start, input under-voltage protection, thermal shutdown and a reset function.

SWIFT buck converters are available in volume now from TI and its authorized distributors. Packaged in a 40-pin, 5-mm by 7-mm by 1-mm PowerStack QFN package, the 20-A TPS544B25 is priced at US$4.08 and the 30-A TPS544C25 is priced at US$4.49 in 1,000-unit quantities.

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