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Date: 27-06-15

Two sources of red laser diode for projector displays

Mitsubishi Electric has launched 638-nanometer-(nm)-wavelength red laser diode (LD) with output power of 2.5 W for projectors.

Product Features include Pulse operation of up to 40% duty ratio (ratio of light ON time to whole time, Luminosity in red color from single light source exceeds 120 lumens due to lasing at short wavelength, conversion efficiency of 39% at 2.5 W at 25 degrees Celsius. Packaged in a TO-CAN package with a diameter of 9.0 mm for better heat dissipation, designed to operate up to 45°C.

Another company offering red laser diode is Oclaro, whose product is also same 638nm red laser diode HL63193MG, and is designed for laser TV and projector markets. The laser diode produces a power of 700mW measures 5.6mm in diameter and is available in TO package.

The other key features of Oclaro AlGaInP red laser includes: Multi-transverse mode, Operating temperature up to 40 degreeC, and Operating current of 900mA.

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