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Date: 20-05-15

Wide dynamic range supporting sensor interface front end amplifier

Analog Devices (ADI) has announced a new sensor interface front end amplifier which can interface directly with current mode sensors such as photodiodes and high output impedance voltage sensors. The BOM saving and space-saving ADA4350 has FET input amplifier, switching network and ADC driver.

This chip's noise performance at low frequencies ensures highest signal-to-noise ratio. To give you the noise performance specs, ADA4350 features low-noise performance at low frequencies of 90nV/√Hz at 10 Hz and broadband noise of 5 nV/√Hz at 100 kHz.
The integrated gain switching supports wider dynamic range of measurement for weak signals from photodiodes and any other less current generating sensors. ADA4350 offers on-chip programmability so that designers can select external, optimized feedback components. A single-ended or differential sensor current or voltage signal can be transformed to a high-speed, low-noise, single-ended or differential-output voltage.

To support wide range of signal measurement in case of light to electricity or direct electric current, ADI says the ADA4350' switching networks and input amplifier minimize leakage and allow the switching network to select up to six externally configurable feedback networks. Also to support wider dynamic range measurement, the ADA4350 offers high-impedance/low-Ib input amplifier and serial port-controlled switch network, as per ADI.

ADA4350 is immediately available now and is priced at $5.73 for a 28-lead TSSOP device.

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