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Date: 16-05-15

THine' tech enable automotive surround view monitor in ordinary cars

Now there is a cheaper low-cost surround view monitor technology for automotives from THine Electronics. The new surround view monitor technology can reconfigure images captured by automotive cameras at vehicle sides into bird’s-eye view images with low cost and faster display speed.

The processors to process videos from multiple sources and present a new single screen view, uses huge memory to store captured images. Whereas THine electronics claims its new technology uses only quarter of the memory compared to other such technologies resulting in reduction of cost of the system and also faster conversion of images into the required view/angle.

The low-cost enables surround view monitoring systems can now be employed in ordinary cars, not only in luxury car models.

THine says it's new surround view monitor technology can simultaneously convert 1-channel camera to 4-channel cameras and, in the future, can extend more channels. Thine said it plans to distribute working samples in 2016.

This new surround view monitor technology can support Infrared images and defogging functions if it employees THine’s image signal processor THP7312, so that night time and foggy weather visibility can be enhanced.

THine also suggests if its high-speed interface technology V-by-One HS is used, the surround view monitor systems can reduce drastically the number of input and output cables for transmitting high-resolution digital pixel data.

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