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Date: 14-03-15

Touch and display driver integrated chip saves space and cost in smart phones

Display-driver ICs having built-in capacitive-touch-screen controller is launched by Synaptics . The ClearPad 4191 and ClearPad 4291 touch and display driver integration (TDDI) ICs for smartphones and tablets are the first in the market , where the 4291 already shipping and 4191 sampling with tier-one OEM comanies.

In a white paper titled "Latest Advances in Touch and Display Integration for Smartphones and Tablets" by Synaptics it is quoted "The ICs that control the touch and display functions have historically been provided by separate suppliers. While integrating these separate ICs is possible with discrete panel stack-ups and On-Cell displays, the benefits are limited and the effort is more complicated when multiple suppliers are involved. With In-Cell integration, by contrast, integrating the Touch Controller and the Display Driver into a single IC is both easier and substantially more beneficial."

“According to our internal forecasts, over 50 percent of smartphones will have a display-integrated touchscreen by the end of 2015,” said Kevin Barber, senior vice president and general manager, Smart Display Division (SDD), Synaptics. “Going forward, the strategic acquisition of Renesas SP Drivers will allow us to integrate the very best display drivers with our proven touch solutions in ways that were not previously possible.”

ClearPad 4291 supports hybrid in-cell designs, eliminating the discrete touch sensor by leveraging existing layers in the liquid crystal display (LCD). ClearPad 4191 goes a step further by leveraging existing electrodes in the LCD for an even more elegant system architecture. More can be found at www.synaptics.com.

White paper titled "Latest Advances in Touch and Display Integration for Smartphones and Tablets" can be found at:

Do you need a IEEE reference paper on this tech: Find the article "A mobile-display-driver IC embedding a capacitive-touch-screen controller system" at

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