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Date: 14-02-15

Crypto silicon IP cores from Barco Silex supports Apple HomeKit

Barco Silex has added support for Apple HomeKit, including Curve 25519 and EdDSA in its Public Key IP core targeting growing IOT market. Barco Silex says it is the first IP provider that offers an IP supporting Curve25519 and Ed25519 on silicon supporting hardware acceleration in secure IoT applications.

Sébastien Rabou, Product Manager at Barco Silex, comments: “Thanks to the optimal and modular architecture of the BA414E Public Key IP core, supporting those curves was fairly straightforward. Elliptic curve cryptography is more than just NIST curves today. Our microcode-based IP core enables us to implement any new schemes and curves very easily. This way, we can keep on serving customers that need the best security available. The flexible nature of our IP core enables support of a large set of public key algorithms with a very small resource usage. And for easy integration, we also offer a software API on top of the BA414E IP core, to achieve a plug-and-play integration.”

The BA414E block for asymmetric cryptography is part of Barco Silex’ library of cryptography IP cores, offering a complete security solution. To this, the company has added a software framework that allows SoC application developers to offload the hardware cryptography transparently. “Adding the power of hardware cryptography has now become as easy as adding and recompiling a few software libraries. As a result the intensive crypto processing is completely offloaded from the processor to the hardware,” concludes Sébastien Rabou.

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