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Date: 16-01-15

IC chip for making your smart phone as your car key

Keyless entry is a feature most of the new car buyers can't miss in their car. There are lot of cars such key is already available. But the trend now is making a smart phone and smart watch having that key. The most visible vendor offering such technology is NXP Semiconductors.

NXP Semiconductors has displayed car access solutions based on a new chip at Consumer electronic show (CES) 2015. The chip features Passive Keyless Entry (PKE), RF transmitter for remote control and immobiliser in a HVQVN32 package. The device NCF29A1 can be embedded in smartphones, smartwatches or smartphone cases, supporting complementary car access via mobile devices. NCF29A1 also supports features such as welcome light or walk-away locking, with longer range and lower energy consumption.

The technical specifications and highlighted features of NCF29A1 shared by NXP includes:

Superior sensitivity of the LF (low-frequency) frontend with low quiescent current enables best-in-class battery lifetime
Distance bonding, restricting the activation range for safety critical remote control functions
Transponder, UHF Transmitter, and RISC Controller on the same chip enables new safety and security features
Accommodates a wide range of regional sub-1GHz frequencies from 310 to 447 MHz, 868/915 MHz upon request
Allows multi-channel RF Transmitter operation for jamming robust operation
Key localisation (within 5cm) with the 3D LF interface using RSSI (receive signal strength indicator) over wide dynamic range
Lowest external component count enables further cost reduction for T1/OEM customers
Peer-reviewed AES security helps to effectively prevent key cloning / vehicle theft
Flexible customisation at ultra-low power with the programmable µC core
Samples of NCF29A1 are available and the device will be released in Q1 2015.

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