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Date: 14-12-14

FRAM chip integrated with binary counter save 94% energy

Fujitsu semiconductor has unveiled nonvolatile memory chip FRAM integrated with built-in binary counter. The idea of integrating binary counter function inside of FRAM memory chip is to save power and additional devices/resources. Fujitsu semiconductor says this device by incorporating multiple optimisations can cut energy consumption to less than 10% of what is required by standard FRAM, quite a significant power saving.

The conventional systems require additional microcontroller to read data from the memory device before performing computations and write data back to the memory to complete the counting operations. Whereas this device MB85RDP16LX does all these read/write operations with a single command from the external microcontroller and uses only the binary counter, so is the saving of power up to 94%.

Applications targeted by this chip includes sensor and energy harvesting in industrial automation.

Another highlight of MB85RDP16LX is, it is optimised to 5 µs, which is 38 times faster than standard in FRAM device enabling fast wake-up while consuming less power.

MB85RDP16LX can be connected to MCU or any such processor through dual SPI interface. Dual SPI interface advantage is it halves the clock frequency, achieving further power saving gains without impacting performance. Fujitsu also given the option to configure this chip with either a 43-bit or a 46-bit binary counter.

MB85RDP16LX is designed for an operating temperature range of -40 to 105 °C . MB85RDP16LX is offered in SON-8 package measuring 2 mm x 3 mm, Small compared to typical SOP-8 packages saving 80% of space on PCB. Fujitsu is also offering 16Kb FRAM without counter for general storage. The MB85RS16N devices are available in SOP and SON packages with operating temperature up to 95°C.

MB85RDP16LX is available now in samples and also entered mass production.

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