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Date: 01-11-14

Serial flash from Microchip with fast erase time of 35 ms

Microchip unveiled new 1.8V Serial Quad I/O (SQI) SuperFlash NOR flash memory chip SST26WF016B with 16-Mb capacity and is claimed by Microchip offering fastest erase times.

In SST26WF016B sector and block erase commands are completed in 18 milli seconds and a full chip erase operation is completed in 35 milli seconds, compared to other devices in market requiring in the range of 10 to 20 seconds to complete a full chip erase operation, as per Microchip.

SST26WF016B features 104 MHz 4-bit multiplexed I/O serial interface which allows for high-data throughput in a low pin-count package. The high speed access and fast erase saves engineers from code shadowing on a RAM device. Microchip says SST26WF016B provides faster data throughput than a comparable x16 parallel Flash device without the associated high cost and high-pin count of parallel Flash.

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