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Date: 18-08-14

Photodiode for high power laser monitoring at wavelengths 1nm – 200nm

Opto Diode introduces a new photodiode with a circular active area, the SXUV Ø2.5 mm. The new device designed to provides high stability after extreme ultraviolet (EUV) conditions. It is housed in a TO-39, 3-pin, windowless package that delivers responsivity down to 1 nm. The active area is typically Ø2.5 mm and has a minimum shunt resistance (Rsh) of 20 MOhms @ ± 10 mV (typical).

The new photodiode is suggested for high power laser monitoring at wavelengths 1nm – 200nm, or other tasks that require a highly-stable photodiode after EUV exposure.

The device parameters include reverse breakdown voltage of 20 Volts, with the capacitance of 1 nanofarads (nF). The response time is 1 nanosecond (typical) to a maximum of 2 nanoseconds.

Storage and operating temperatures range from -10 degrees C to 40 degrees C (ambient) and from -20 degrees C to 80 degrees C (in nitrogen or vacuum

The lead soldering temperature (0.08 inches from the case for 10 seconds) is 260 degrees C; the maximum junction temperature is 70 degrees C.

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