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Date: 28-06-14

95% power efficient step-up DC-DC converter IC

Diodes Inc has introduced the PAM2401, a low voltage 1MHz step-up DC-DC converter for portable products such as battery backups, cordless phones and GPS receivers. 95% power efficient synchronous converter provides true output disconnect to prevent leakage and ensures safe start-up at an input as low as 1V.

The PAM2401 offers a programmable current limit of 1.0A to 3.0A for its lower input operation voltage range of 0.9V to 4.75V. To help maximize battery life, the device automatically enters a high-efficiency pulse-skipping mode when driving light loads. In shutdown, quiescent current is less than 1µA.

PAM2401 offer over-voltage and over-temperature protection functions, and soft-start circuit ensuring safe automatic restart. Other features include anti-ringing control and hiccup-mode short-circuit protection.

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