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Date: 28-06-14

MIPI M-PHY 3.0 Gear 3 IP in UMC40LP

Arasan Chip Systems announces availability of MIPI M-PHY V3.0 Type 1 for UFS 2.0 on UMC40LP, using The Arasan Porting Engine.

M-PHY 3.0 Gear 3 on UMC40LP joins the list of process node options, available from Arasan for customers designing UFS 2.0. The PHY has achieved 5.85Gbps performance, with BER smaller than 1E-10.

Arasan said its technical staff contributed to the electrical specification of MPHY v2 and v3. The company is actively supporting the use of MIPI UniPro and M-PHY in the storage (JEDEC UFS) ecosystem, working closely with UFSA and contributing companies for verification and compliance testing.

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