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Date: 28-06-14

Load Switch from Diodes Incorporated Safeguards USB Ports

Diodes Inc introduced the AP22802, a single-channel load switch for protecting interconnects that are subject to the risk of surges and short circuits. The AP22802 quickly clamps output current to a safe level upon fault sensing. AP22802 is optimized for regular USB and other hot-swap applications and is available in SOT25 with footprint of only 9mm2.

The AP22802 sets a typical current limit of 2.7A to guard against overloads and operates over an input voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V. AP22802 offers circuit designers the choice of either active-low and active-high enable inputs.

The device’s under-voltage lockout function keeps the internal power switch remains off until input power level reaches minimum of 2V, even if the switch is enabled, which is useful for the design of single-channel, hot-insert systems.

The AP22802’s automatic discharge function and internal N-MOS power switch combine to provide a dependable resistive discharge path. This enables the device to safely handle residual output voltage when the switch is disabled and no external resistance is present at the output.

Other protection features of the load switch include over-temperature detection with auto-recovery, reverse current blocking and controlled rise time. An open-drain flag output is also included, with a built-in 6ms deglitch to prevent false reporting of over-current and over-temperature conditions.

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