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Date: 03-06-14

Murata release high Q small-size winding-type chip-inductor

Murata has started commercial production of new winding type inductor chip for use in multiband mobile phones. The new high Q inductor only measures 0.53×0.4mm in size.

The LQW03AW Series is compliant for narrow current band (±0.2nH [5.4~9.1nH] , ±5% [13nH] )

Applications: Small size mobile devices such as smart phones, mobile phones

Electric characteristics:
In the case of Inductance value is 5.4±0.2nHRated voltage: 420mA (Based on increase in temperature)
Upper DC resistance limit: 0.21Ω
Q: More than 46 (Measured frequency 900MHz)
Self resonance frequency: More than 12.5GHz
Operating temperature range: -55°C~125°C (Self-temperature rise is included)

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