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Date: 28-05-14

Tried and tested USB 3.0 Host Controller IP from Cadence

Cadence is now offering it thoroughly tested and production proved USB 3.0 xHCI host controller IP VLSI design industry. The new IP Cadence has got from IC chip company called Fresco Logic. This design IP is recommended as part of Peripheral Development Kit (PDK) for compliance testing by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) and has been deployed in over a billion USB ports, this means there is no worry on the interoperability issue of this IP. This fully supported semiconductor IP to support USB 3.1 protocol.

"This USB 3.0 host controller IP is tried and true, has been a part of SuperSpeed compliance testing from the start and utilized as a discrete IC in many production systems," said Robert McVay, CTO of Fresco Logic.

The Cadence USB 3.0 IP is fully configurable so that they can config it for mobile or infrastructure applications.

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