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Date: 10-04-14

ARM Compiler ver 6 adopts Clang and LLVM

Version 6 of the ARM Compiler adopting Clang and LLVM open source compiler framework is available from ARM. Clang is a C/C++ compiler front end based on a modular architecture with easy interface to tools such as code analyzers and code generators. Clang feature improved diagnostic capabilities.

LLVM is an extensible compiler framework supporting link-time code generation and just-in-time compilation. LLVM is also a modular framework supporting easy development and test of new optimizations.

ARM Compiler 6 is a full code generation toolchain consisting of compiler, linker, assembler and libraries. Its integration in the ARM DS-5 Development Studio provides a full C/C++ software development environment.
ARM Compiler 6 is GPL-free and distributed under a commercial license, giving users flexibility with regard to ownership of derivative works

ARM Compiler 6 supports ARM Cortex-A50 processor series and is available as part of the DS-5 Development Studio Ultimate Edition, available April 2014.

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