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Date: 09-03-14

Small 15-A DC/DC converter for powering quad and octa-core processors

Texas Instruments has launched 2.9x3.0x0.4-mm packaged 15-amp, multiphase step-down converter for powering quad-core processors and octa-core processors to extend battery run-time in smartphones and tablets. The new LP8755 achieves a 70 mm2 total solution size, and supports up to 15 A from a 2.5-V to 5-V input with 90 percent efficiency.

The LP8755 converter with integrated FETs uses two I2C interfaces to manage dynamic voltage scaling, and features an automatic phase-adding and shedding technique to maintain the highest level of efficiency across a wide output current. During light load operation, the regulator enters a low-power mode as low as 10 uA (Iq) per converter core for maximum efficiency.

Features and benefits of LP8755 as per TI:
Supports high-power processors: The multiphase device supports 15-A load current, small voltage ripple and high transient response to power most quad-core and octa-core processors.
High efficiency and performance: Maintains high efficiency and thermal dissipation across the current load, while supporting a low input voltage and a dynamically adjustable output of 0.6 V to 1.67 V with 10-mV steps.
70-mm2 solution size and allows for the use of smaller capacitors and inductors.

Availability and pricing:

The new LP8755 multiphase converter is available now in volume production at a resale price of US$2.25 each in 1,000-unit quantities.

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