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Date: 17-01-14

INSIDE Secure upgrades its cryptographic module for mobile phones

INSIDE Secure has upgraded its SafeZone FIPS software cryptographic module used in smart connected devices where it can operate now in a Trustonic t-base TEE, the SafeZone FIPS cryptography module along with SafeZone security toolkits. SafeZone cryptographic software can help in building FIPS 140-2 certified applications for Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) based on ARM TrustZone frameworks. The new module secures both static and dynamic content data in mobile phone, smart phone and tablet computers or any such mobile smart devices, which are now highly used for mobile banking and payments or entertainment and premium content service applications, where security is more important than anything else.

A TEE is said to isolate sensitive operations on smart connected devices from the standard, general-purpose, operating system, providing a safer execution environment for these applications to run within. Inside Secure claims TEEs have already been deployed in more than 100 million devices, and many popular smartphones now incorporate TEE technology.

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